Compare KBB Trade-In Value To MAX Allowance Offers Near St. Louis, MO

Learn why St. Louis County car sellers and trade in shoppers check MAX Allowance before they sell or trade any vehicle

Compared to MAX Allowance® the KBB trade in value or KBB Instant Cash Offer you'll receive is simply less considerate.   MAX Allowance® was born from the belief that your vehicle's MAX local or nationwide market value comes from two-way transparency between seller and buyer. 

Kelley Blue Book Trade In Value does not consider documented driveway photos, video or seller story details.  MAX Allowance® does! 

Trading your vehicle to a dealer or nationwide used car buying company is the same thing as selling your vehicle.  So, we try to eliminate surprises (like inflated or deflated value expectations) between you and the St Louis area dealer or national car buying company. Before you accept a KBB Instant Cash Offer near St. Louis, use our Vehicle Story Vault technology below to check MAX Allowance®. It's FREE!