Compare KBB Trade-In Value To MAX Allowance Offers Near Chesterfield, MO

St. Louis County car sellers and trade in shoppers check MAX Allowance before they sell or trade any vehicle. Learn why!

Let's compare the KBB trade in value or KBB Instant Cash Offer you'll receive in Chesterfield, MO to a MAX Allowance® value.  The KBB values and offers are less appealing because they are simply less considerate.   MAX Allowance® was born from the belief that your vehicle's MAX local or nationwide market value is revealed after two-way transparency between seller and buyer. 

The Kelley Blue Book Trade In Value gives you an instant offer knowing little to nothing about your vehicle's visual story (documented driveway photos, video or minor accident explanations for example).  Without visual and customer-supplied story details the best KBB can offer is an auction and local market value that's often far less than your vehicle is actually worth.  MAX Allowance® fixes the transparency trouble created by the KBB tools! 

We work hard through text messaging to eliminate surprises (like inflated or deflated value expectations) between you and the Chesterfield area dealer or national car buying company. Before you accept a KBB Instant Cash Offer near Chesterfield, use our Vehicle Story Vault technology below to check MAX Allowance®. It's FREE!