Compare Carmax Sell My Car Vs MAX AllowanceŽ In St. Louis, MO

Learn why St. Louis County car sellers prefer the MAX AllowanceŽ method to the rigid Carmax selling rules

Compared to MAX Allowance® the "Carmax sell my car" process can leave a lot of money on the table, especially in today's used car market.   Carmax relies on a computer-driven algorithm to tell you what your car is worth to them and there is rarely room for negotiation.  

In contrast MAX Allowance® was designed to create a competetive offers environment where you share a visual and historical story about your vehicle from your driveway.   In exchange, a FREE car values coach from MAX Allowance® will link your listing with national car buying companies (if instant, no hassle cash is your aim) and multiple, local licensed car dealers to create a MAX offers war in your driveway.

Keep in mind, trading your vehicle to Carmax (or any dealer/car buying company) is  the same thing as selling it. Vehicle market value knowledge and 2-way transparency equals negotiating power.  MAX Allowance® works to eliminate surprises and low-ball offers between St. Louis area private sellers and the local dealers or national car buying companies that desperately need to acquire a used car like yours.

So, you could take your car to Carmax and settle for a computer's opinion on your vehicle's value or, you can check MAX Allowance®.  MAX Allowance provides a FREE daily view of your vehicle's wholesale and retail market value along with coaching conversations via two-way text messaging.  With MAX Allowance the Vehicle Story Vault you build from your driveway can baloon the size of the trade in or cash purchase offers you receive.