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MAX Allowance® has created a platform for you to get multiple Considerate Cash Offers™ from certified and endorsed local dealers. MAX Allowance® dealers have an immediate need for pre-owned vehicles to fill their lots and have agreed to follow our extremely transparent vehicle valuation process. MAX Allowance® dealers are able to write a check or trade for your car at work, at home or in store!

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Know What You're Getting: A Fair Deal

Selling or trading a vehicle through MAX Allowance® means you get fully transparent offers, friction-free negotiation and a private, safe vehicle sale, purchase or trade-in experience. MAX Allowance® dealers are committed to all CDC-recommended safety protocol at work, at home and in-store.

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Weighing Your Options Is More Important Now Than Ever

Question: I'm thinking it's better to sell my car privately. Is private selling preferred over selling to a local car dealer?

Answer: While private selling use to be the best way to get the most cash out of a car you plan to sell outright, times have changed and our local dealers are now paying top dollar to acquire cars directly from private sellers. You'll find the MAX Allowance® process prevents the kind of "back and forth, mystery valuation method" still used by some dealers and private buyers. In fact, MAX Allowance® dealers are certified and endorsed for their commitment to total transparency and Considerate Cash Offer™ negotiation practices.

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Your Information is Safe with Us

The MAX Allowance® Trade or Sell System is safe, secure and free from data sharing. The photos, video and personal use details you share in your Vehicle Story Vault will be encrypted and available only to MAX Allowance® and our network of certified and endorsed local car dealers. We make every effort to match your vehicle sale and trade intent with the local dealers whose pre-owned purchase needs and available inventory fit your unique MAX Allowance® sell or trade-in profile.

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